Thursday, February 14, 2008

Le sous chef

This is my cousins' cousin – kind of a cousin-in-law, I guess. He's my mother's sister's husband's brother's son. He's also the sous chef, i.e. the No. 2 in charge, at a hotel in Breckenridge. That's where I shot What is it? No. 6, when he gave us a tour of the kitchens. Lots of really big pots, racks of ladles and sieves, plenty of knives, and a fridge the size of my living room. They do a lot of banquets.

When he's not locked up in the subterranean maze of food-prep areas, he's on the slopes.

Not a bad life, really.


  1. Oh woman, how many fantastic food blogs can you get a link to? It's valentines days here and we are having a lovely evening having great food, fabulous wine and great company - we both have multiple personalities so there's never less than four of us around when in all realty there's normally jus two!

    I am coming back to read more of you now that I have some time and I am sure that it is going to be great fun catching up again. But not tonight Josephine - my husband awaits his glass refilling!

  2. Glad you had a lovely, personality-filled evening, MOB! And glad you've got a little time to surf (and post) again. Cheers!

  3. Kitt - I love kitchen tours too (makes me feel like a real insider. even if I'm not "rlated" to a sous-chef), and I enjoy sitting at the counter at an open-kitchen restaurant to watch the cooking and plating. It's like a food ballet, isn't it?

    MOB - How many fantastic food blogs...? I don't know how fantastic my is, but pay it a visit and decide for yourself.

  4. Thanks, Claire! I enjoy your reviews of local eateries and restaurant news. So hard to keep up with the constant changes.