Friday, February 22, 2008

It just keeps getting better:
Red-pepper gruyère rolls

I was thinking I'd do a poblano-and-cheddar variation, but I accidentally pulled out a package of roasted red peppers instead of roasted chiles (note to self: take the time to label).

I was on the phone with Mom, who said that among parmesan, gruyère and cheddar, gruyère would go best. (I had some left over from my gougères goof-up.)
Mom, you probably don't hear, "You're right" often enough from me. But I will say it here, loudly and in public: "Good call, Mom!" These are super-tasty rolls, with cheesy goodness and the soft sweetness of the red pepper bits, and a nice crumb and crust.

Here's a close-up of a quarter of a roll, with my hand to show the size:
To make these, I pulled out a fist-sized piece of dough, flattened it in my hand, sprinkled chopped peppers and shredded cheese on, then folded the edges in. More cheese on top. Baked in a large dutch oven for about 25 minutes at 450, with the lid on for the first 15.

I was imagining dinner rolls, but these are bit larger than that. Next time I'll see if I can make them smaller. In the meantime, please tell me not to eat all three tonight in lieu of dinner.


  1. Well you've made my stomach rumble! They look incredible! I haven't heard of baking bread in a dutch oven before.. I might have to try :O)

  2. Gina, you mean to say you've missed out on the whole no-knead bread phenomenon of the last year and a half???

    It's the easiest thing in the world. You'll be amazed. Click here and scroll through my assorted posts on containers you can use and a step-by-step post. You can also use a pyrex lidded casserole (though that scares me) or well-seasoned cast iron. I've heard it works in aluminum pots, too.

  3. Kitt.... You have done it again!! I am drooooooling.....

  4. You can do all kinds of experiments with this stuff, Jaden and Blue. Try it!