Saturday, February 16, 2008


Yes, the road really did look like this! Lots and lots of lovely snow looming over us on the way to Arapahoe Basin, about an hour and 10 minutes from home. While in town, the little snow we have is rapidly melting and it feels almost springlike. Good to have the snow in the mountains where it belongs, to ski on and to provide lots of water come summer.

It wasn't too crowded, though the lifts were running full in the newly opened Montezuma Bowl on the backside of A-Basin.
Our liftmate obliged us with a portrait.


  1. Don't break a leg! But lets just say that you did, you could sit and blog all day long and keep us entertained! Jeeze it looks fabulous where you are. I am rubbish at skiing. I should have the ski's fitted to my back because that's exactly how I decend every flippin mountain I have ever ski'd on!

    Happy holidays dear Kitt.

  2. Thanks! I wish it were my holidays, but it's just a regular weekend day for me (I have Friday and Saturday off). But its nice to live where you can go skiing or hiking within a very short drive.

    My skiing's not any great shakes, but lessons have helped, and the snow is soft!