Friday, February 29, 2008

Field day

I try to go to the dog park during the week; the weekends are too crowded. You risk reaching a critical mass of dogs where one crabby dog can turn it into a free-for-all, and I find there are more people who have less control over their animals.
On a weekday, though, there's lots of open space to explore without distractions. Mysterious pipes!
And sandy banks for leaping over!
Lost something? You might find it here. A missing collar ...
Or maybe a tennis ball!
The river is running pretty low today (they're doing some work on the spillways).
Squirrel? What squirrel?
There were a few other dogs there: a hound with a funny face, and a leaping pug.

We also met another big boy poodle named Cody, who wears his Halti all the time because he likes to nip butts (!).
Sophie says, "Ooooooh! I just looooooove the park!"

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