Friday, February 01, 2008


I thought I had to be out of the house at 8 this morning, so I rolled out of bed at 7 (which is an ungodly hour when you work swing shift) and managed to pull myself together. Then I double-checked my schedule. Hey! I don't have to leave until 9!

So now I've got time to enjoy a cup of coffee and check my email and my blogs (which, if they were soap operas, I'd be calling "my stories." Which they kind of are, some of them, and equally addictive).

And hey look! I had a few more photos I forgot to post!
Some days it would be nice to roll out of bed and let someone else gussy me up. Except I'd pass on the chin strap.

Some days it's nice to just throw on a fleece and hang out for a while. Though orange is not really my color.

1 comment:

  1. LOL

    I love to throw on some fleece and chill, too.

    7 is the ungodly hour when I have to be to work! Well, 6:55, actually. I understand that most others in the world also find it ungodly.

    Oh, and we call the shows we like to watch on tv our "stories." :)