Monday, February 25, 2008

Red skies at night

It's supposed to snow tonight, but mostly we've just gotten drizzle. Might have a dusting by morning.

February is heart disease awareness month, so the City and County Building is lit up in red.


  1. After dinner or a play, we always do at least one drive-by of the City & County Bldg when it is illuminated and decoated for the holidays. I guess we'll now have to add a Feb drive-by too -- and there's not too much of Feb left!

    Claire @

  2. I can't wait for urinary tract infection awareness month! Imagine what the capitol will look like then!

  3. Claire, they just light the tower up, not the whole building, so it's not quite as spectacular as the Christmas display. They did purple for the World Series and pink for breast cancer awareness month. And white maybe just for pretty.

    dg, this is the Capitol. For UTI month they TP it.