Thursday, February 07, 2008

Oh, and Happy Chinese New Year!

May your days ahead be full of cleverness. And cheese.


  1. Lol !!! That's pretty damn funny! And that's coming from a Rat of '72 !! Yes, we are clever, conscientious, ambitious, hardworking, family oriented, balanced...I could just go on! I'll just end it here with a...Happy New Year!
    BTW- Todd finds your picture EXTRA funny.That rat doesn't resemble me, does it?

  2. Cleverness and cheese... I could live with that. Hope this is a great one for everyone.

  3. Do you have buck teeth and carry a sword, Diane? If not, no, it doesn't look like you at all.

    (The stencil is by Banksy, a British street artist. Check out his work!)

    Cheese, especially, Lisa!