Friday, February 22, 2008

For Beeb

I was talking on the landline while shooting this with my cellphone and was asked, "What's that noise?" "It's the camera."
I thought Beeb would like a glimpse of Miss Lannie being hand-fed. Lannie and Sophie are both somewhat indifferent to food, so sometimes I will hand-feed them to make sure they're eating enough. I think that sense of competition whets their appetite, knowing they're getting something special that the other dogs aren't, at least for that brief moment.


  1. I'll try this may get two comments saying essentially the same thing - a little technical difficulty...

    but, Thanks so much for taking such wonderful care of my kids. they are going to refuse to leave - especially Lannie. She doesn't get that rock-star treatment at home. You're the best.
    Has her incision healed?

  2. Yep, appears all healed up, with just one little scab left at the end. She's quite spunky, with no signs of her recent trauma, except for her funky leg trim! (Which almost looks like a deliberate attempt to make her look frou-frou.)