Wednesday, February 20, 2008

No-knead bread with parmesan

As I mentioned in my last no-knead bread post, I would be experimenting with shapes and fillings. I made this batch of dough on Saturday night, and it's enough for three or four small loaves. Supposedly if you leave it in the fridge longer (up to two weeks!) it develops a deeper flavor, like sourdough.
So I pulled out a hunk and folded it over with shredded parmesan, trying not to handle it too much in the process, and sprinkled it liberally with more, mashing it a little to make it stick. I baked it in a Le Creuset terrine.
Oh yes, this is very very good. I handed out a few slices at work (still warm!) to rave reviews, but I confess, I ate about two-thirds of it myself.


  1. Now I want to make that too, it looks really yummy. Unfortunately, I have no more dough left. I prepared half of the recipe and used them all up last night. I hope to try it soon!

  2. hey, great idea to use the LC terrine. I've been eyeing the terrine at the LC Outlet but couldn't justify buying it - because - um - I don't make terrines. BUT I do bake breads!!

  3. Hey Kitt - nice looking loaf of bread!! I liked the first one you made too. Our favorite dough right now is the European Peasant bread - a little richer flavor, but I'm going to try some of your add-ins with the boule dough I have in the fridge. Did you use all of your brioche in a week or did you try freezing some? I haven't tried it yet, but thinking if I could pull enough dough from the freezer for a couple caramel rolls at a time that could be fun too. Have you checked out Zoe's website? She posts some awesome baked goods.

    I love all the photos of the poodles - they just look so happy when they're all three together. Good buds!

    Lovely to see A-Basin - it's been many trips around the sun since we've been there. Now that I think about it, it's been over 5 years since I've skied anywhere in Colorado. (note to self: time to hit the mountains!)

    I loved your microwave in the closet idea - and using the bags as bedwarmers. Thanks! I have a rice-filled bag that a friend made for me that would be perfect. And a small microwave that would get used more in the closet than it is in the boat!! (esp in the winter - duh!) I always love it when Kobie and Mark go up to bed before I do - wherever Kobie has been, I get a nice toasty spot.

  4. I just made another batch of dough, blue sandals, even though I haven't used up the first batch yet. It does taste better if you let it percolate for a few days.

    Jaden, I thought you were trying to get rid of kitchen stuff! The terrine does make a nice-shaped loaf, though, just right for small sandwiches.

    Kris, I used all the brioche dough on the first two things, so I haven't tried freezing it yet.

    The poodles do have a good time at the park, though I think Sophie is ready for them to leave now.She definitely prefers being an only dog.

    Come on out and ski! I know of a nice little guest room not far from the slopes.

  5. You are right indeed on leaving the dough for a few days in the fridge. Both texture and taste improve. Thanks.

  6. Yes, it does make a big difference! Glad you're enjoying it.