Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Dinner at John Holly's Asian Bistro

John Holly's is on Downing, a few blocks south of Evans. Upscale Asian, meaning there's a sushi bar, pad Thai and kung pao. It's an attractive space (if a little noisy), and the service is speedy (well, the rice could have arrived more promptly, but I think our waitress was new) and attentive. The prices are reasonable.

I didn't take photos, which requires a certain amount of indulgence from one's tablemates that I didn't feel comfortable asking for. Plus, you know, it was pretty much your standard Chinese food. (I had the kung pao chicken and it was good by my standards.)

But then this dessert of strawberry mochi showed up. This is a double order, and it probably costs them them very little for what they charge, but what a lovely presentation! So out came the camera.

(Alecto, you commented the other day about seeing someone snapping pics of their food; it's true, most folks these days don't bat an eye. There was a little bit of bafflement here, but one companion kindly explained to the other, "Kitt has a blog," and we left it at that. "Kitt has Tourette's" might have worked just as well.)

So anyway, thumbs up for John Holly's. And for the leftovers! I got three more dinners out of them.


  1. Those are some seriously huge looking mochi! Loooove mochi ice cream! We're working on a mochi with chocolate filling...wish us luck!

  2. Mochi!!! I love mochi so much.

    and it came with chocolate covered pocky sticks too!

  3. Yes, the pocky were a nice touch. The mochi were about two bites' worth each. Bigger than usual, but maybe not as big as the photo makes them look.