Thursday, February 14, 2008

Monkey love

For my cow-orker Valentines.

(Boy, this cellphone pic really makes this look unappetizing. Sorry.)


  1. I love to bake also. I just moved offices and brought a cake in a few weeks ago. Got a question "you aren't going to be doing lots of baking are you?" LOL. I think I might start bringing in stuff once a week...for spite.

  2. How many cow-orkers do you have? LOL. And am I the only one who notices this new animal? ROFLO.

  3. Bertandfelix, I don't have that "problem," happily. Everyone says "Keep it up!" It's a good way to practice cooking sweets, since I don't have to leave the results at home, tempting me alone.

    Dani, I have probably 20 in my immediate area, plus many more that come nosing around if they suspect there are goodies to be had. They're big grazers, where I work.