Friday, May 02, 2008

All shopped out

I covered a lot
of territory.

But still no rolling pin.


  1. You certainly have, Kitt! Are they all around your place?

  2. They're all within about a mile of each other, and maybe three miles west of my house. The H-Mart I went to last week is more like seven miles to the east, so you can see why I usually go to this neighborhood!

  3. Wow, are there really that many Asian markets where you live? That's great! You can find just about anything there!

  4. How do you like the Avanza? I've seen it but have not been in (yet).

  5. Diane, you probably have better produce where you are, but yes, I've got pretty good access to anything Asian I might need, food-wise.

    Hi Beatrice. The Avanza was very clean and bright, and had a lot of good Mexican produce (cactus pads, for example) and products such as juices and spices. Otherwise, it's pretty much like any other grocery. I got eggs, cheese and flour.

    The checkout was maddening, though. They were understaffed and there was very little room to line up, so the area around the cashiers was gridlocked with laden carts. Luckily another checker opened up and I was able to get in that line quickly. (Actually, a woman with a full cart cut me off, but relented when I asked her to let me go first.)