Thursday, May 22, 2008

Can you ID this tree and rose?

Mom and I had a nice walk this morning, and she reveled in the warmth and blooms that have yet to appear in Wisconsin.

We came across this tree that maybe you can identify.
Its blooms are quite spectacular,
and remind me of jelly nougat.
Any idea what it is?

We also saw two examples of this brilliant orange-red rose. What do you call this kind of rose? I'd like to find one for my own yard.
Thanks in advance!


  1. The tree is a horse chestnut.. I have one here, but it hasn't flowered as yet..
    Not sure about the other one.
    You can see the tree here:

    Wish I knew how to add as a link! :O)

  2. Thanks, gina and db! Yep, it's a horse chestnut. I pointed the local gardening folks here and was told it's probably Aesculus hippocastanum, native to the Balkans but widely planted as an ornamental.

    The rose is Austrian copper rose, or Rosa foetida 'Bicolor.' Apparently it grows well here without needing a lot of extra water, so I will look for it when I am plant-shopping.

  3. Yup, definitely a horse chestnut tree in the top photo. Regrettably, you can't eat those chestnuts but they are pretty trees none-the-less.

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  6. Aw, Mac, why'd you delete? Catalpa was my first guess, in fact. But the leaves weren't large enough.