Friday, May 16, 2008

Denver boot

At any given time in my office you can find someone wearing a boot brace. Skiing takes its toll, or other sports, slips on ice or medical issues. The gentleman on the left took a tumble on some icy steps in March. The gentlewoman on the right sprained her ankle playing Ultimate Frisbee. Another cow-orker had foot surgery. A fourth has gout.

When I say my cow-orkers are lame, it's not an insult. Just an observation.


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  2. As a skier, I have to take umbrage at your opening salvo. You write that "skiing takes its toll" and proceed to relate instances of a fall on icy steps, Ultimate Frisbee, foot surgery and gout! Not a ski/snowboard injury among them!

  3. The four I mentioned are the current, spring crop. This winter we had two that were ski-related.