Sunday, May 04, 2008

Dinner at Asena, Alameda, Calif.

This is my last review from the Bay Area. From my most recent trip, that is. There will be more in the future.

On Monday night we dined at Asena, which offers "Cal-Med" cuisine. The atmosphere is pleasant, the service efficient and friendly, and the food: Yum.

I got the mojito I'd wanted a couple of nights before. Lots of mint!

We started with a selection of olives with tomatoes and mozarella.
Entrees included dry-seared Sterling salmon fillet with salsa verde:
House-made scallion fettuccine with wild Gulf prawns, braised cabbage and seafood fumé:
And I had the fresh fava bean ravioli with mascarpone and sweet butter:
I had been torn between that and one of the specials and got an enthusiastic vote for the ravioli from our server. It being the height of fava season, that was a good choice.

For dessert there was tiramisu and cheesecake. My pictures of those didn't turn out, alas.

Asena has been there for 12 years, and it's easy to see how they have lasted so long while other places have come and gone. Another thumbs up for an Alameda eatery!

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