Friday, May 16, 2008

Balls and browsers

On teh internets at the ballpark!


  1. Crikey I've just been in and reading back posts and the one's on the bees are fascinating. I like bees but not sure if I could stay calm around a swarm or two! Brave woman.

    Thanks for popping by and saying you'll vote for me, well Hortense really - she really is a nosy old bat!

  2. Hi mob! Glad you stopped by. The bees really aren't aggressive. They would rather not sting you, because they die when they do. And swarming bees are stuffed full of honey that they'll use in building their new home. Makes 'em mellow.

    Hoe you win the award!

    Groovy, the Sergeant had this mini-PC he's writing a review of, so we brought it along to play with it. Sure made the game go fast!