Monday, May 05, 2008

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

The other night while making the rounds of the Asian (and Hispanic) groceries around Federal, I noticed a huge number of patrol cars in the neighborhood. Around every corner, it seemed. "Huh. What's going on?" It wasn't until I'd seen maybe the 10th cop car that the penny dropped. Oh yeah! It's Cinco de Mayo weekend!

In the past there have been problems along Federal Boulevard, the main cruising strip, on the holiday, so now the cops are out in force, and there are also civic groups out patrolling to keep an eye on the cruisers (and on the cops, I'm sure) to make everyone plays nicely.
Today after enjoying a dim sum brunch (whoops, should have had posole!) we spotted one colorful cruiser.
Que bueno!


  1. we got caught in traffic from the festival down town.
    i was so confused at what could be causing such traffic jams and then we realized!
    feliz cinci de mayo!