Saturday, May 24, 2008

Full day

While Mom's visiting I can't post as much, but I can still take pictures! Yesterday we walked 2.7 miles (love you, Google Pedometer!), which was pretty long for Sophie. Near the end of the walk, we spotted this squirrel on a tree. Someone must be feeding him, because he was not too fazed.
That is, not too fazed until Sophie rushed the tree. Then he beat a hasty retreat.
Good to know the old dog still has some zest for squirrel-chasing.

Later in the day we stopped by the farm, which has some new critters. This calf is a week old. And very curious.
Happy to be petted.
But really hoping for some dinner.
His brother (fellow week-old calf from the same herd) was born with an eye infection, poor thing.
The boys came from a big dairy operation and were in woeful shape. Like boy goats, boy dairy calves are worthless to the milking operation, so they are treated as completely disposable. These two were $40 and will be a 4-H project of sorts for the farmer's children. They will have a good life for a year or two, then be sold for beef.

Speaking of boy goats, you may recall Lucky, who was born three weeks ago.
He's now an accomplished rock-climber.
I also caught up with Cutie. And gave milking a try.
My hands are pretty small, which makes it difficult. I can see getting the hang of it (and very strong hands) with some practice. But here's a hint: If you're going to milk a goat or cow, be nice and clip your fingernails short. Sorry, Cutie!

Nevertheless, she gave us a quart of milk to bring home. Thanks, Cutie!


  1. Do you read ?

    A good place to keep up with news about our food production including treatment of animals in large-scale operations such as the one you mention.

    Hope you get a long weekend with Mom!


  2. That first shot of the calf is brilliant.. and sooo cute!
    Well done on milking the goat :O)

  3. Sophie reminded me of our old dog Tasha She would see a squirrel up a tree then go dashing round from tree to tree looking up all the time it's a wonder she didn't brain herself

  4. Thanks, Dani. I'll check it out.

    Gina, it was fun, but I wasn't very good at it! Those critters really wanted to taste the camera, too.

    Another great squirrel hunter, eh, Breezy? "Come down here so I can bite you!" Never in her life has Sophie caught one, and it's not for lack of trying.