Saturday, May 17, 2008

Yard work

Sophie stands guard as I work in the yard.
That's me over by the gate, digging up sod so I can put in flagstones. Have to go to Home Despot for some sand to level them. I'll take some pictures when it's finished.

Those bushes outside the window, which I thought were just, well, ordinary shrubs, turned out to be lilacs! They have smaller leaves than I am used to in a lilac. They're about to bloom. Pics will come of those, too. Later.

(Photo from the Sergeant's cellphone. Click to see it larger.)


  1. My dogs would have escaped while I was busy digging - they were incorrigible!

  2. Your shrub could be a mini lilac bush. I found out they existed last week.

  3. Mini lilacs! I'll have to look those up. These do seem to be much less leggy that the usual ones. Thanks!

    Zoomie, as a puppy, Sophie might have tried to escape, but now she just likes to observe, then find a spot in the shade for a nap.

  4. You have a nice sized yard -- I miss that but haven't given up that I will have one again in not too many years. Lilacs! They're gorgeous! We grow something here they call a California lilac that isn't actually related to your plant. It does get beautiful blooms on it, though.

  5. Sophie is so cute! I just wanna rub her ears and soft fur!
    Wow, that's a big yard! Have fun with the flagstones. We created a cobblestone pathway in our back yard a few years ago. It's totally worth it! Actually, you can see it on our latest video!

  6. I'll look for it! The flagstones are not laid yet. We had to go get sand and then ran out of time. But I've got lots of paving to do. That side yard is a blank slate right now. I'm going to get rid of most of the grass eventually and turn it into something much more interesting (and drought-tolerant).

    Sophie says you are welcome to come pay her all the attention you want!