Monday, May 19, 2008

Silly kitchen gadget No. 4

While waiting for the ferry in SF, I took a number of pictures with my cellphone in Sur La Table. I got some curious looks and an employee started following me discretely around the store but didn't say anything. What might I have said if they'd asked? "I am recording your products so I can mock them on my blog"?

What can you say about a twirling spaghetti fork?

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  1. For small children? For gadget fiends? For people who own Duracell stock?

    Claire @

  2. Ah, but here are a few well-chosen and cool gadgets to try:

    I use the spiral cutter all the time.


  3. Maybe it's good for people with non-opposable thumbs?

  4. Hah! This is a funny one! So glad you found it at Sur La Table, and not the Asian market. I was starting to feel that "my people" are becoming non-serious cooks!

  5. Claire, it was with some kid stuff, so I'm guessing that's the target market. Duracell stockholders would be a good second guess!

    Thanks, Jessy and Lina!

    Dani, you're starting to scare me with your multitudinous websites! Some good gadgets there, though. I didn't see the spiral cutter? What is it?

    Vicki, I was actually thinking this could be useful for someone with disabilities ...

    Oh, trust me, Diane, I have a bunch more from Sur La Table! (I decided to parcel 'em out and make Mondays my Silly Gadget Day.)