Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Mortification brings beautification

A little while back, bird-guru Susan at Susan Gets Native had a little contest, asking readers to submit an embarrassing story, bird-related or no, for a chance to win some of her lovely beading.

And look what showed up in my mailbox!
Here's the story I shared:
One winter in South Dakota we got a huge snowstorm, like 4 feet at once. I called a local handyman service and requested that someone come over with a snowblower to help me out. The next morning, a guy was out there plowing the walk and around the house. I went out, offered him coffee, and asked him to plow a path to the birdfeeder (there's your bird reference) and told him I'd move my car so he could do the driveway. He was very good-natured and said, OK!

Some time later I realized he'd left, but he hadn't rung the bell to get paid. I called the handyman service and they said, "Larry? We don't have anyone named Larry working for us."

I went outside, baffled, and saw my neighbor. I mentioned what had happened. "Oh! That was my son, who lives on the other side of town. He just got a new snowblower and he's very pleased with it."

Oh, I felt terrible! I got his number, called him up and apologized, but he just laughed at me and wouldn't take a check.

I did bake him a big batch of cookies.

So embarrassment becomes an embarrassment of riches that goes particularly nicely with my green and pink outfit. Isn't it lovely?
Thanks, Susan!

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