Monday, May 05, 2008

Silly kitchen gadget No. 2

Another item I spotted at H-Mart last week was the "stirred cup." You press a button on the handle and the contents get swirled around.

I'm not sure what the mechanism is that does the swirling (I didn't open the box to investigate), but it seems to me that anything that needed active stirring (instant soup, maybe?) would clog it up and make it hard to clean.

I dunno. Can you think of a situation where you would need this? Is a spoon or other stirring implement that hard to come by? Or would you rather have a stirrup cup?

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  1. Mixing your cream and sugar without a spoon?

  2. The mind boggles. Usually I'm a sucker for gadgets but this is just too much. You should of lurked in the aisle so you could report on who was buying

  3. I love to think about the person who invented that - did they really think there was a pressing need?

  4. Hmm. You know you're lazy when using a spoon is too much trouble.

  5. placing something on top and watching it swirl around?

  6. Julie, sure, but would you buy it just for that?

    Breezy, they had a lot of them. I don't think anyone was buying.

    Zoomie, a better mousetrap it definitely is not. I hope the inventor kept his or her day job.

    Dana, exactly.

    Gina, maybe for mixing paint? Might be fun...

  7. It might be handy when you're driving! One hand on the steering wheel and one hand free to just drink, stirring included.