Sunday, May 25, 2008

Taking it easy. Or not.

What a nice day! It was in the upper 70s, nice and sunny. Warm enough to want a sunhat and some umbrella shade while reading outside.
That was Mom today. While I was doing this:
Remember that lovely new dandelion digger I got? That lovely new sharp dandelion digger? Yes, it's quite effective ... at puncturing sprinkler lines.



  1. I love seeing the repairs required after the dandelion meditation was performed, the one you told me about on my blog. Meditation (not to mention gardening) can be dangerous stuff, huh?
    And the house in the sidebar looks beautiful...such a paint job!

  2. Hi Margaret, thanks! I will definitely be more aware than meditative in the future, at least when I'm in the vicinity of a sprinkler line.

    (I said something more unprintable than oops, though, Lisa.)