Monday, July 02, 2007

Adventures in laundry II

To explain the previous post: I went to clean the lint screen, which runs down a channel in the back of the dryer, and this big wodge of lint peeled off inside the channel. I couldn't get it out with the vacuum cleaner or long tweezers, and the coat hangar just pushed it farther down. No problem, I thought; I'll just pull the dryer out (Ouf! Heavy!) and reach through the vent from the bottom.

Still couldn't get my hand far enough in. Visions of having to call the fire department (I made sure my phone was handy) to come extricate my stuck arm. (Which sitcom was it where someone got her toe stuck in the tub faucet? "I was playing with a drip." Dick van Dyke? Lucy? Molly Dodd?)

Anyway, a dozen screws later it was clear I wouldn't be getting to the lint trap without professional help. A call to handy friend resulted in the advice that maybe just turning the dryer on, now that I had done so much fishing around, might just blow the lint out the back.

Did it ever! Instant mushroom cloud in the laundry room. I had to quick turn on a fan to blow it out the door.

Now I'm covered with lint, and I managed to get the dryer and duct back in place. Sort of. I think.

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