Friday, July 27, 2007


Blogger seems to be having a problem today; I am not able to access most of the sites I visit regularly, though my own blog and Blogger tools come up fine. Blogger's not showing any problems on the status page, but the forums indicate others are having the same problem. I hope it gets fixed soon!

(Edit: Hey! Looks like I fixed the problem just by posting about it! Everything's loading fine now. Go figure.)

(Edit2: Or not? Now my own blog won't load. *sigh* Maybe it's just me.)

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  1. Well, at least some of us can come and visit you! My connections were running really slow last night - finally just gave up.

    I wanted to thank you (in person!) for getting me started in Blogworld. I loved your blog when I stumbled across it - and then you asked to see photos of the pooches - and now, here I am! Thank you - I'm having fun. I really enjoy coming here to visit.