Monday, July 23, 2007

Spontaneous summer salad

Some fresh tomatoes from the farmers market, some chopped basil. I boiled the green beans with stalks of dill and basil, then added a couple ears of corn to the pot. Then I fished the vegetables out and tossed orzo in to cook in the same water. Cut the kernels off the corn, threw it all together with a little vinaigrette and chilled. I wanted to put some fresh mozarella in, too, but it tasted off, despite having been in a sealed container with a sell-by date a week away. Oh well. It was still good! The orzo made it really interesting, and I love the infused herb flavor.


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  2. Hi Peter, thanks for stopping by. I found your site via Blogger Tips. I'm not all that interested in increasing traffic, since I don't have ads, but saw I could answer Nancy's question about linking. Cheers!

  3. Thanks! It was sooooo easy, too! Boiling everything in the same water really simplified the process.