Saturday, July 14, 2007

Marbles recovered

I'm starting to feel a little more sane now.

In vacuuming out the old place yesterday, I found the last three marbles lost in the Great Marble Disaster of Ought-One.

The scene of the disaster: my basement stairwell. The victim: A giant cylindrical vase full of glass marbles on top of the fridge. The culprit: The minor vibrations of the fridge door opening and closing, causing the vase to slowly and silently creep farther and farther back. The disaster: The last fateful fridge-door slam, which sent the vase off the back of the fridge and down the stairwell, where it shattered into a million tiny slivers of glass and scattered a hail of marbles to every corner of the basement.

Add to that a couple of curious dogs running over with me: "What was that?!? Let's see! Let's see!" And me yelling "Stay back! No! Back! Back!"

Needless to say, I have been finding marbles in every corner since then. These are the last three. An appropriate end to the last three months of madness.


  1. When we moved out of the house I grew up in, when I was 14, the movers found dusty dessicated jelly beans from many Easters past.

    Must have been satisfying to find those marbles. And it's a hell of a metaphor.

  2. Jelly beans! Better than the dusty underwear left in the middle of the bedroom after the movers were done. They must have found it behind the dresser or something. Cringe.