Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Party essentials

For a good party you need lots of cupcakes. Lots and lots of yummy cupcakes.
With some kind of bat, and some kind of ball, you can play baseball!
Then take a break for some hard-earned ice cream.

And what goes better with ice cream than some fresh-picked blackberries? Go ahead, try some!
Then try your hand at Pin the (Blank) on the (Blank). Be creative. Here, Pin the Braid on the Mommy is just the ticket.
Every good party has music. What better than the Best Boombox Ever? Eight-tracks, cassettes, iPod ... you name it, The Best Boombox Ever can play it.
Then it's time for water balloons! Don't expect the organized game of toss to last very long, though. Anarchy is pretty much the rule when it comes to water balloons.
If there's time, hike up the hill to see the neat old merry-go-round.
And of course, no party is complete without a little bubble-blowing.Party on!


  1. Those are some awesome cupcakes -- were they all made by the same person? I very much like the non-homogeneity of them. And it looks like it was a helluva party too.

  2. They were made by three different people, all talented! Delicious, too. The cupcakes, I mean.

  3. cupcakes and homemade ice cream?! I want some. Looks like a very fun time.