Thursday, July 12, 2007

Shaggy dog day

Sophie doesn't like the car. To her, the car represents treachery. Treachery! A car took her away from her mom and littermates, hauled her halfway across the country and deposited her in South Dakota. There, the car meant trips to the vet (nooooo!) or to obedience school (noooo!). Then the car brought her to Colorado, where things got a little better, with trips to friends' houses (yay!) or to the dog park (yay!). But still, treachery lurks:
Yes, there are still Bad Trips. Today, it was to the groomer's (noooo!).
Arkady is very nice, and he will make Sophie feel much better in the heat by removing all that excess shag. I broke down and made an appointment because the new house doesn't have a handheld shower nozzle (yet) so I can bathe her myself, and frankly, I just don't have the time right now to clip her. It takes me days, in several stages. Arkady can do it in 3 to 4 hours, and much better than my usual hack job with the weed whacker (Hold still, Sophie!).
Unbeknownst to Sophie (yet), this is also a really Good Day for her. Her bones came in!

I used to get bones cut to order at Safeway, until they told me too many employees were losing fingers. Then I got bones cut to order at Wild Oats, until they told me too many employees were losing fingers.

It's so hard to get good help these days.
Well, the problem was that the distributors would send 6-inch bones and then the workers were trying to cut those down to my 1-inch order. No wonder they were losing fingers! Better to go to a smaller butcher shop that can special order from the distributor, whose employees are presumably more dextrous with a bone saw. Minimum order: 40 pounds. This turned out to be 46 pounds' worth.

Good thing I have a big freezer!


  1. She is so beautiful. Lots of poodles round here but not many standards or Caniche Royale as they are called here

  2. Thanks! I think she is beautiful, too.

    I thought at one time I might get a job in France, and find a caniche royale there to adopt. A truly French poodle.

    In Spanish, the word is the same: caniche (ka-NEE-chay), but don't use it in Venezuela, where it is slang for "balls."

    I discovered this in Spanish class with a Venezuelan teacher when I wrote an essay about my big poodle.