Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Cedar chest

I was sitting on the window seat yesterday looking at the cedar chest in the hallway and trying to figure out what I could do with it to make it look better in that space.
It's very dark, and the style doesn't really fit with the rest of my furniture or the house. But it's perfect in terms of function: a convenient place to sit and put boots on or drop my bags when I come in, and it offers handy storage for an afghan and table linens.
It even comes with a $1,000 guaranty against moth damage!

One idea I had was to cover the base with a lighter-colored cloth, something that ties in with the other colors around it. Then I thought of painting the insides of the panels, again, with some kind of matching light color. Then I was thinking, what if I commissioned Victoria, who painted the catbird seat below, to do something funky but elegant and subtle with it?

Have to think on this some more.


  1. I think painting would be really cool. Even a lime wash, though I'm personally partial to dark old greasy wooden furniture with battle scars. Would you think about changing the seat cover to a lighter color (and possibly fabric?) Keep us posted, anyway.

  2. I'm with Cara light bright fanric on the seat cover. Actually I think it looks really good under your stairs