Friday, July 20, 2007

Wicked ride

Who among us of a certain age doesn't have fond memories of the Ford Country Squire? My folks had one with the fake wood paneling on the sides and the bench seat in the way back that folded down into the floor. You could fit a lot of kids into that car. Or two adults, two kids, two dogs and all the gear you needed for vacation trips.

The back seat was wide enough that the invisible line down the middle between squabbling siblings still left ample room for movement (but still failed to prevent squalls of "Moooom! He's on my side!" and the inevitable response: "Don't make me stop this car!")

You don't see Country Squires much anymore, and those you do tend to look pretty wretched, as this one does at first glance.

Then you take a second glance:
This is not your parents' Country Squire. Back then, Jerry wasn't dead, Phish didn't exist yet, and your dad had to have a job to afford the payments on his brand-new land yacht.

And I'm willing to bet it didn't have spikes.


  1. Oh man, Dave would plotz if he saw that car. He dreams of driving something like that one day.

  2. He might want to consider the attendant parking issues, though! Maybe a Gremlin would be better?

  3. I gotta say, there's something about the reclamation of old doofus cars that really appeals to those of us who are... of an age. My dream car is a '67 El Camino -- not tricked out or anything. Just clean and sweet, preferably with an iPod dock.

  4. Lisa, you may want to check out the many iterations of the El Camino at Jalopnik:

    What's your daily driver? You could convert it!

    The iPod dock is easy to accomplish, too, if you're willing to rewire the original stereo. Or just get an after-market system with iPod port included.

    (I know, you want the original '67. But still fun to contemplate the silliness of amino-wannabes.)

  5. Oh, that's excellent. Mine would be a Blazer-amino... and it would be seriously ugly, I suspect.