Saturday, July 14, 2007

Fresh produce

For my caprese yesterday I wanted fresh tomatoes not from Safeway. Had this been a normal year, they would have been growing in my backyard. I thought about going to Cherry Creek Farmers Market, but it's such a zoo there. Too many people, too hot, crazy parking lot. Then I remembered the supposed existence of a produce market in a neighborhood not far from me. I found the address and looked at the map and still it took me 10 minutes of driving in circles before I found it.
Wilkerson's is a funky mix of country farmstand and hoarder's junkyard. The lady who was running it was super nice and showed me everything that was locally grown. She had just finished adding dill to this jumbo jar of pickles she was making:

I came away with a nice little haul of vegetables and peaches, about $10 worth.
The bag on the right is roasted sweet red peppers, which I snatched up as soon as she pointed them out to me. Her husband likes them, so once in a while he roasts a big batch and they sell the extras. I'm thinking of all the things I can do with them: soup, salsa, grilled cheese ...

Wilkerson's Produce:
1995 S Santa Fe Dr.

There's no entrance off Santa Fe. They're right behind the soundwall at the Evans exit, on the northeast corner of West Asbury and South Elati. Easiest way to get there is to go west on Evans from Santa Fe, take the very first right/north that you can, which is Galapago, turn right/east on Asbury and go all the way to the end. Turn left/north on Elati, and it's the second driveway on your right


  1. That place looks awesome! Great find. I love the pickle jar shot!

  2. The lady thought it was a little strange I was taking pickle pictures. I told her I wanted a reminder for myself to make them.

    Which was true. And also she didn't seem the type that would understand "blog."

  3. Everything looks so good! Lucky you to have this place close by (hopefully it will be easier to find next time??)