Friday, July 06, 2007


I kept hearing about the deliciousness that is an In-n-Out burger, how juicy and delicious, so finally I got around to visiting. (In case you hadn't figured out from the previous post, I'm on vacation this weekend.)

When they're really busy, they have a very nice someone taking your order carside in the drive-through. Great smile!
Yes, the In-n-Out burger is delicious. Lots of cheese on the cheeseburger, and you can get grilled onions on it, too! In Colorado, the nearest equivalent is a Good Times burger, which is also a superior product, but still not quite this good. I only have a burger every couple of months or so, but I probably would have more if these were around.


  1. oh my gosh - we LOVE In-n-Out burgers!! Our son lived in Calif for 12 years and Mark does a lot of business trips there too - we have to stop at In-n-Out everytime we're close to one. We have t-shirts - Kobie has a t-shirt (that actually fits Tess because he got too big). I'm drooling here!

  2. They really are yummy. If I were more of a burger fan, I'd make sure to stop there quite often. It does hit the spot.