Saturday, July 21, 2007

Retail therapy

Shopping at Costco today with my friend Barb, I mentioned that I was on the lookout for a little storage bench I could put under my mailbox for larger items.
I have a nice vintage mailbox, i.e., small. (The clip, however, is not vintage. I guess I should leave it inside when I'm not using it for outgoing mail.) Magazines and catalogs have to be folded in half to cram them in.
On the drive home, we passed a used furniture place, and the ever-vigilant Barb (who was driving, no less) said, "Hey look! A bench like you wanted!"
It opens from the front rather than the top, but I can cut out the dividers on one side to hold packages. And for $25, it's just what I needed. Thanks, Barb!


  1. Perfect - it looks really nice. And I like your vintage mailbox - even with the non-vintage clip.

  2. Thanks! The mail carrier has yet to make use of it, though. I guess the test will be when I get a fat magazine.