Friday, July 27, 2007


Pretty much the entire city is being plastered with these notices; they're not targeting any particular neighborhood. I'm not planning to visit the site; my suspicion is that it's a scam or ad-revenue generating scheme.

Ah yes ... I just Googled around and found this article on the Boulder Daily Camera site:
... recipients (are) encouraged to log into a Web site, where, after supplying an e-mail address plus $7.95 (plus $4.95 after three months), they would purportedly be notified whenever a new sex offender moved into the neighborhood. ... police report that one person lured into the Web site ... did receive a largely accurate list of registered sex offenders. The recipient also received an avalanche of unsolicited e-mail advertising. ... (Police) spent the morning informing people that sex-offender lists are available free of charge from, for example,
Just a reminder to all of you out in Blogland: If something looks suspicious, Google is your friend!


  1. I'm always amazed that people have time to think up things like this. I can barely get through my work, the dishes and a little knitting on a normal day.

  2. Oh, but that's a classic scam: selling something that can be had for free. This one preys on both fear and ignorance.

    Another good one: Order our booklet, "How to Make Easy Money!" by sending $1 + shipping to ...

    What you get back is a folded piece of paper telling you how to place a classified ad that says, "Order our booklet ..."

    It's all perfectly legal, too.