Sunday, July 01, 2007

Unter den linden

The linden trees are reaching the end of their bloom here. I wish there were a way to convey how lovely they smell. Years ago, when I had just moved into my first house, I was out walking with Mom and we passed a pair of beautiful blooming trees that smelled heavenly. We found out they were lindens, and that's what I chose to plant on my parkway. They are slow-growing and have a nice shape, and are also hardy, so they're a good choice for a street tree. There are quite a few around the neighborhood, I notice now; you can't miss the scent when you walk under them.

There must be a few beehives around, too, because every linden is full of busy bees. You can't really see them, but you can hear the humming, like the whole tree is set on "vibrate."

And speaking of bees, that downed hive is gone:

Sadly, not all the bees got to go with it, so they are milling about what remains of their home in great consternation.


  1. If only there were scrathc and sniff blogs - at least for linden trees. They do smell wonderful!

  2. Our neighbor has a linden tree right on the fence line - it is heavenly!

  3. I recommend lindens to anyone who wants a pretty, low-maintenance tree. This is the Greenspire variety.