Saturday, July 28, 2007

Better than beer

A mysterious package arrived this morning. OK, not so mysterious; I knew it was coming. Beer? No, not beer, but something even better.
A funky old phone for my funky old house. I have a cordless phone with headset that I use most of the time, but you should always have a corded backup for when the power goes out, and the one I have has been unreliable lately (bad cord).

But wait! There's more!
Rice from Trader Joe's? Why no, something even better: a big wodge of fresh rosemary. Mmmmmmm. Even Sophie likes it.

But the pièce de résistance is this:
A transmitter for my iPod! Like the little ones you can get for your car, this transmits the music from the iPod to any nearby FM stereo. Unlike the car transmitter, it's powerful enough to be picked up by any stereo in the house, and outside, too. Tune it and your radio to an unused frequency and voilà you've got your tunes wherever you want them – upstairs, downstairs, outside and in the garage. Now I just have to get my stereo hooked up and a couple of small boomboxes (hello, Goodwill!) for a whole-house sound system!


  1. We have the transmitter for our car and when we moved into our temporary home here we found a whole-house stereo system (with dual cassette decks - wow!). It works great to play the iPod in the whole house.

  2. Fun! I will have to go with the wireless option, since it would be a real PITA to run wires up and down and all around. At the old place I just drilled a hole in the floor behind the stereo and ran the wiring across the basement ceiling, bringing it up again to the speakers.