Saturday, December 13, 2008

Active pets

Sophie would like to know when I'll be done playing with the bees.
So that I can play with her!
See, she's not entirely decrepit yet, though she'll be 14 in April. (I know, I go on about how old she is, but she just amazes me. I'm very lucky.)

Thanks to the Sergeant for these guest shots from today.


  1. What a happy senior-puppy! Mine made it to 16, 17 and 19 (plus a 24yr old cat), I consider myself extremely blessed.

  2. Nothing says happy like a dog with bounce.

    Love that green vest!

  3. She looks very spry. Love that photo of her hovering over the snow- almost as if she's saying "look at me, I can fly too! Like bees!"

  4. Vicki, blessed indeed!

    Betts, she loves the snow. Thanks on the vest! Columbia, from Sierra Trading post.

    JGH, she is definitely spry for her age. Way more than most old dogs I know.