Tuesday, December 02, 2008

More mulch

The maple stump was ground into bits yesterday. It's amazing what different kinds of specialized machines are out there. This monster is very good at reducing solid wood to tiny chips. I may see if I can get the company to drop off some of that when I need more mulch. The stuff that goes through the regular chipper is on the chunky side.

I did keep this batch, which made the guys happy they didn't have to shovel it up themselves. They left it in a big pile where the stump used to be.


  1. That's a good description, a monster. We had a tree removed last spring, and that grinder seemed alive when it went at the stump and roots.

  2. Joanne, it's a little scary, isn't it? Definitely don't want to get too close.

    Titus, it's the stump of that tree, yes. But the piece of trunk with the bees in it is still intact.