Monday, December 01, 2008

Bookstore kitties need a new home.
Can you help?

My friends Debby and Gary are closing their bookstore, and they need to find a home for the store kitties, Agatha and Edgar, either separately or together. They are two very sweet cats, I can attest.

I'll let Gary and Debby's letter explain:
Most of you have visited the bookstore over the years and met the two cats: Edgar and Agatha. They've lived in the store since we opened in 2001. We closed the retail portion of the store earlier this year, and soon we'll be moving the inventory out of that space. Which means the cats have to move, too. Unfortunately, we've got a full house at home, including a cat who doesn't get along with Edgar and Agatha. We tried.

So we'd like to see if we can find a good home for these two cats. They don't need to stay together -- they'd be OK together or apart.

Both Edgar and Agatha are black and very affectionate. Edgar is the big one, about 25 pounds. (That's him on the left.) He's a lover, and loves to play. Perfect for someone who likes an active, friendly cat.

Agatha (at right) is smaller, and a more typical cat -- sleeps a lot, like laps, likes getting attention, but only to a point. She's very sweet.

Both cats have been indoor cats since 2001. They are about 10 years old. They are both in good health. Because they are so good-natured, we'd expect that they'd adjust to a new home immediately. They seem to get along well with other pets -- dogs and cats. They just don't seem to mind very much.

Because we love them so much, it is very important to us that they go to good homes.
If you or a friend would like to meet Agatha and Edgar, you can visit them at the store. Just email me at the address listed in my profile and I'll give you the particulars. I hope you can help these kitties find a home!


  1. KB - if no home is found, the Ranch can always absorb more cats indoor or both indoor & out. Cats seem to find there own level here, and it's always the level of their choice. Dr. Nadine is always at hand, so vet care is a given. The cats have a home if they can bear living in the country.

  2. I love kitties, and long to have one again, but I wouldn't put a 10 year old cat through that long flight. They seem very sweet and I'll bet they'll have no trouble finding a home or homes for them. So sad... another mom and pop retailer buckles under economic strain.

  3. Not closing the business, just the storefront. We are moving and decided to just continue online since that was where most of the business came from anyway. It breaks my heart to give them up, but my home cat is terrifed of them. They could care less about her though!

  4. Another bookstore would be so perfect with those names! I love businesses with cats on staff. The petfood store we support has two brothers, Ying and Yang, and I think we make it a point to shop there just to say hi to those guys! Good luck. I can't take them because my brood has feline herpes which is contagious and not a very nice thing to share.


  5. I sent out an email to some of my friends - I hope Agatha and Edgar find a warm welcoming home soon.

  6. I'm going to send the URL to your post to the Boulder Media Women. We already have one all-black cat named Johnny Cash -- and we really can't take on more.

  7. And there is always the Ranch. Our cats are very social. Our dawgs know that cats are a superior species. The poultry & doves are faster than the felines. The kitties have figured out that reindeer & llamas are interesting, at a distance.

    Needless to say, we have wholesale accounts for kibble. Nobody goes hungry or uncared for, unless it's ourselves, because the animals come first.

    Debby, you have a backup plan. Your babies will always have shelter here. And books upon which to nap.

  8. Titus, that's really sweet.

    Betts, yeah, a long flight is probably out. Happily, the store's just closing on the bricks and mortar side.

    Debby, it's got to be hard. They're such nice cats, and good store companions.

    Dani, I love shops that have mascots, too. Your poor kitties.

    Thanks, Manisha and Claire!

  9. Awww, they're very beautiful. Aside from the fact that I live too far away, I've hit my kitty quota for a while. But I wish Agatha and Edgar the best.