Sunday, November 30, 2008

Stopping to smell the snowman

I hosted a brunch this morning and the table was so pretty! And my crustless quiche with asparagus and ham was tasty, as were the fruit salad and monkey bread.

And I totally forgot to take pictures.

So here's Sophie, inspecting the handiwork of some neighbor kids. She enjoyed her brief romp in the snow before I went to work, my first day back after a week off. It felt like a very long day.


  1. We also got a sprinkling yesterday (didn't stick around) but my dog, a miniature poodle, was more excited than the kids! I wonder if your neighbor kids could make a snowdog friend for Sophie.

  2. yay for sophie and snowman-making!!! winter is here!

  3. I forgot to take pics of Thanksgiving too. :( Oh well, it was delicious! Sophie is adorable. Send some snow (or at least cold weather) down to FL please...

  4. We don't quite have enough for a snowman yet.

    I can imagine how wonderful everything looked for your brunch.

  5. JGH, poodles love snow. Or maybe it's just the poodles I know. Maybe I'll make a snowpoodle myself, next time there's a storm.

    Yay, Jen! You've waited long enough, eh?

    Jenny, delicious memories will have to sustain us. I don't think you want snow, but I'll try to send a cooler breeze your way.

    Betts, it was a really nice table and meal! You'll get some snow soon, I'm sure.