Tuesday, November 04, 2008


We had to stop for gas on the way back from Wyoming. At the exit it was toss-up between a Shell station and Kum & Go. Does anyone else find that name funny? And the marketing promotion: "Nothing says 'They were all out of flowers' like a Kum & Go" gift card.

The gas price – $2.42 a gallon! – made me smile, too.


  1. It's a very funny name. And you can bet that thousands of teenage boys have made all the predictable jokes over the years.

  2. The first Kum & Go I encountered was in Leadville, and I know I've seen others in Colo too. There's a U-Gas-Em in Alma. The name reminds me of bars call the Do Drop Inn and other pure Americana-type names. You betcha. :-)

  3. It's a running joke that a Kum-n-Go lighter never lasts on the Ranch. It'll be pocketed the second your eyes are averted. That's why I use minis with lil' band-aids on them like Hello Kitty (a shout out to DG) and Sponge Bob.

  4. hehe... hehehehe... okay, no wait... hehehe. It is funny. hehehe

  5. I first came across them in Missouri. We laughed. This summer I saw them all over on I-70. Glenwood Springs, too. I need to go fill up my van while prices are still this low. Over $2 and low?! See how we get used to it?

  6. We had Kum & Go in Iowa. I'll be the one to say it: we called it "Ejaculate and Evacuate."

    Yes, it is funny! Who names a shop "Kum & Go"?

  7. Duck, wow, that's low!

    MOB, that's why I picked it.Discerning consumer that I am.

    Pam, oh yes, and adult females.

    Claire, boy howdy!

    Titus, I didn't scope out their products. I'm sure they're popular.

    Mimi, glad to give you a chuckle!

    Manisha, I know! Enjoying it while we can.

    Groovy, that's perfect!