Saturday, November 08, 2008

I've always wanted a chimenea

Now I have one, thanks to my friend Heather, who is moving to an apartment and getting rid of a bunch of yard stuff.

I bought some tools and sawhorses from her too, and she threw in a load of firewood.

The car was a bit Joad-like on the way home. I tied the sawhorses to the roof rack with a dog leash, jump rope and some of that plastic stuff used to bind copier paper boxes.

No worries, except for the brief oops of the sawhorses hitting the top of the garage door when I tried to back in. But all's well.


  1. Gotta love those wagons... they have more utility than an SUV. It's so satisfying to load them to full capacity.

  2. Nice way to spend time outdoors, with the chimenea. Very comforting.

  3. Me, too! So I bought a cast iron one - smaller than yours at Kohl's as a Father's Day gift some 2 years ago. As soon as I brought it home, we got a newsletter from the Louisville Fire Dept.: outdoor chimeneas are illegal. Gah.

    I thought I'd return it. Never happened. This is how stores make money - off idiots like me. So finally I figured I'd assemble it cos someone else was not doing anything about it and that I would use it as a nice attractive piece around the house. Well, soon after I did that I found out that my neighbors used similar things, including pit fires and what not, knowing fully well that the FD does not approve. So mine is out on the porch. *We* haven't used it as yet on my property but it did get lugged over to the neighbor's for Oktoberfest. :-D

    Enjoy your chimenea - it's the perfect season for it!

  4. Love it! yep, great weather for it coming up. Enjoy!
    Ooh, you need to roast some marshmallows. How fun!

  5. Betts, I agree! I used to have a Honda Accord, and I could fit a lot into it. (The back seat folded down so you could pass stuff through from the trunk, such as ladders.) But this is even better. Better for snow and mountain driving, too.

    Joanne, I'm looking forward to trying it out!

    Manisha, that's funny! I can see where you wouldn't want to have them on, say, a deck, but if you have a yard and are responsible with them, they're not much different from a barbecue.

    Denise, I hadn't thought about marshmallows! Good idea!

    I'm also glad because I have a huge amount of old bills and such I want to get rid of, and burning them will be easier than running everything through the shredder.

  6. You've taught me something today. I have never in my life heard or seen the word "chimenea."

  7. nbm, I think it's a Southwestern thing, which would make sense. I never saw them before moving here.