Sunday, November 16, 2008

Into temptation

I found this card on the sidewalk yesterday:
It made me smile. And I wonder what S. Makishima's Swedish meatballs taste like. I've only had Ikea's.

Speaking of. I skipped the meatballs there Friday and went straight to the cooking gear. Plenty of things to tempt me!
If you are looking for a new enameled cast iron Dutch oven, the prices are quite competitive on these blue 4-quart ones.

It's a good thing I already have a large one, or I might have been tempted to make a purchase based solely on matching my shopping outfit:
I've been into green lately. I do love the color, but for years thought I couldn't wear it. Yes, for a long time my fashion choices were dictated by "Color Me Beautiful."

Does that take you back, gals? (Guys, I know not to ask you!)

I'm a "spring." What season are you?


  1. I believe that I'm supposed to be a summer. But that's far too limiting for me. I would have a hard time resisting those pots if they came in a nice bright orange.

  2. Wow, I haven't thought of that in decades. LOL. I was a Winter, but according to the new website (didn't have a computer when I got my Winter results!), I'm now decidedly a Summer... even though I'm in the winter of my life. Huh. Leave it to me to go at it back-asswards again. But, maybe I can do some wardrobe tweaking and look better than I have lately... that is to say, washed out.;)

    Yeah, guys. You can look like Hell, too. The right color can perk you up real snazzy and folks might actually notice you. Don't be uppity and give it a try.

  3. I'm an autumn, and while I still keep that in mind with make up (on the rare day I wear any), now I wear whatever I want for clothes. I LOVE that green. It's been my go-to color for months. I'd wear it everyday if I could.

  4. I always thought I was a "winter," but I look more like the "autumns" pictured on the website.

    Years back, my mom got her colors done, and then told my dad that she was an "autumn" and he was a "winter." We still get a lot of mileage out of that at family gatherings.

  5. Oh that book! That DOES bring back memories. (All I know is that I'm not a winter.) Anyone remember the cards that came along with it? they were like playing cards but each one was a solid color and when you flipped it over it said "summer" or "winter" or etc etc. The idea was to take them shopping to make sure you bought only your colors. Not only do I still have the book around here somewhere, gathering dust, but I stumble across stray cards now and then. Must declutter, must declutter, must declutter.

  6. Damn! That Ikea in CO had better come up soon! But Senior? Where do they get their names from?

  7. Mary, orange would be nice! Most of my enameled pots are orange (or "flame" as they like to call it).

    Dani, I still stick to the spring palate mostly, but if I like a color, I'm going to wear it, dammit.

    Betts, I can't tell you the last time I bough makeup. But several of the items I got recently at Sierra Trading Post are that green!

    Beatrice, does your dad keep that in mind while shopping?

    Pam, I had the cards, too, but who knows where they are now. Long, long gone.

    Manisha, the name gave me pause, too. Wish they'd hurry up on the store!