Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Under a shadow

I don't get to the mall very often, so I hadn't seen this shop before.
The Art of Shaving? That's a lot of real estate devoted to what I imagine would be more suited to a mall cart or kiosk.

Or am I wrong? If I think not many guys are going to get lathered up about visiting the shaving store at the mall, am I being sexist? Or am I hanging out with the wrong guys?

Whatever the case, the place seemed pretty thin on customers. The economy's giving all kinds of luxury businesses 5 o'clock shadow.


  1. Well, they might be able to hold on thru the holidays, just as a novelty, but I can't see this lasting much longer than that.

  2. Lathered up? Heheheh. What a punny post.

    That clerk is doing a good job of holding that display down. Makes you wonder how Circuit City is tanking and a place like this is still in business.

  3. My Hubby would love that store! But he also owns more pairs of shoes than I do...

  4. Thanks, db. Would you like to shop there?

    Joanne, that's what I'm thinking.

    Betts, there was another clerk lurking behind the giant razor. I'm sure they wondered why I was taking a photo.

    Vicki, that's funny! Does he like to shop? (My dad would've liked it, too, but not at the mall.)

  5. I think "manscaping" is an up-and-coming business. Many cosmetic lines now have products for men and charge big bucks for them. But that is one big store just for shaving!

  6. I have a son-in-law who is very much into that stuff.

  7. The Art of Shaving is a chain - they have dozens and dozens of stores, as well as a web store. It's not my thing but I suspect it's a good gift-for-Dad type of store. Most people have trouble with that...especially since the Sharper Image went under.

    Most of them also have salon services for men as well, haircuts and stuff, nd they make a point of making it "manly" instead of beauty-parlor-esque.

  8. EAT, "manscaping"?!? That's a great term.

    Peggy, I guess that makes him easier to shop for!

    DG, I was thinking it might be one of those seasonal shops that spring up. I can't imagine how it stays in business as a retail chain, but if they have barbers and such, too, I guess they have more chances.

  9. We just got back from a trip to Boston (helping out the beleaguered retailers). Traffic was light in Boston stores, save Williams Sonoma, where things were cooking. Stubbled (oh, sorry) upon the Art of Shaving store where I stropped (so sorry) for a minute and observed sales were steady, if not exactly in a lather.

    Rick in VT