Wednesday, November 12, 2008

This landscaper rocks

This may not look like much to you, but it represents a significant amount of work that I was not looking forward to doing.
The north side of my house has been just a weedy mess of rutted dirt, with an exposed sprinkler pipe that needed to be covered, a window well full of trash and a broken electrical conduit. I really wanted to clear it out, regrade and put down rock. Nothing will grow there but bindweed.

Happily, I've found a landscaper who took the task off my hands. The rock is in, and I'll plant a lilac and add mulch to the dirt area that remains.

I confess, I headhunted this guy from the modern bungalow. I saw his crew working there and got his number, and later confirmed that he comes well-recommended.

What's great about him is that he has fixed a bunch of little things (for free) that I had not asked him to. Tightened a sagging gate, pounded in loose fence nails, pulled out some old juniper stumps. He fixed the broken conduit. He looked at my sprinkler system and had a forecast of doom, but then came back and said, "It's not as bad as I thought."

He's a keeper!


  1. He sounds like a keeper! I hate those nagging chores that I never can quite get to, and it is so nice when someone else does it.

  2. It looks great. Now, if we could just clone him and send one to the northeast.

  3. If he is willing to travel to Louisville, I could use him in spring.

  4. Kathi, some of the stuff I hadn't even noticed need fixing!

    Wendi, me too! I think they'll make a nice screen there.

    Betts, you've got a handyman already!

    You, too, Mimi!

    Claire, I told him that.

    Manisha, I'll ask him.

  5. Sounds like someone I should know about! I am lucky my hubby is very handy, but sometimes we get busy!