Sunday, November 02, 2008

Sanitas Valley Trail, Boulder

Yesterday we met some friends outside Boulder for a hike on the Sanitas Valley Trail. It was a gorgeous day, sunny and warm.

Sadly, Miss Sophie in her winter coat was not thrilled to be out for a ramble. She was really showing her age. She was happy to get into the creek to cool off, but then needed help getting out again.
She was draggin' her wagon all the way up. We made frequent stops to give her water. Even on the leash she was reluctant. She had to be leashed at a couple of points because the dog ranger was out.
On Boulder trails you have to have an off-leash tag for your dog (which you get by demonstrating that the dog is trained enough to come when you call). Without a tag, you'll get a ticket, like this unfortunate walker.

After our walk, we repaired to the Walnut Brewery in Boulder for an early dinner.
The Sergeant had jambalaya, while I ordered the mac 'n' chicken, which came with a huge Caesar "side" salad. Quite delicious! I have enough left over to take to work tomorrow.
The Walnut Brewery is quite dog-friendly (as is most of Boulder). If you are seated on the patio, your dogs are welcome to sit outside the railing. There are bowls of water for them. And French fries, should you care to share. Biscuit the terrier mix was quite persuasive.

Annabelle the bichon stayed quietly under the table until we had finished eating, then got some lap time and dozed off with her chin on the table. She covered a lot of ground with those little legs!

Sophie spent most of the meal dozing in the back seat of the car (parked right next to us with the windows wide open). It's more comfortable there. But I brought her out when we were finished and she settled down to watch the passers-by.

We were all tired by the time we got home and called it a night early.


  1. Sad to see Sophie slowing down. We love them so much and they leave us too soon.

  2. You and Sophie and your friends were right around the corner(s) from me -- first on the Sanitas Valley Trail and then at the Walnut Brewery. Before your hike, you might also have caught the last Boulder County Farmers' Market of 2009. What a warm day for the last of the season.

  3. Awe poor Sophie. It is nice that you live in such a dog friendly area though. I can't really take Floyd anywhere.

  4. I'm afrid I would have gotten a ticket with Miss B. on that trail. At least Sophie wasn't running wild. Sounds like a really nice day. And that spider -- ewww!!

  5. Crazy 'shorts' weather for November! But I am not complaining!

  6. Ticket for an unleashed dog. interesting. :)
    Great to see a dog-friendly place. Don't have to worry about leaving your dog home with a sitter or at the kennel...

  7. I've been told that in France, you can bring your dog IN the restaurants. My isn't well trained enough for that. He gets too excited around other dogs and would have to play.

  8. Yea, my dog is like that too. Will be excited to sit still.
    Just remembered there is a cafe in my city, called The Bagel Shop. His place allows you to chill out with a bagel, with your pet by your side!
    I just googled, and the owner's name is Matan Schabracq.

  9. How old IS Sophie anyway? She still looks like a pup in some of those pictures.


  10. db, I'm sure it has its charms! No Chinatown here, for example.

    Zoomie, yes, I hate to think about it, but we've had some good times.

    Claire, I should've gone to the market, but we were lazing around at home too long.

    Mimi, we're rather spoiled that way.

    JGH, Sophie's running wild days are over, but she's always been pretty good on recall.

    Manisha, no complaints here, either!

    Aristarkhos, most places do not allow dogs off-leash at all, so it's nice that Boulder makes it possible for the good dogs to run free. Your bagel-shop owner sounds like a good guy!

    Betts, Sophie would have fit in very well in France, being a poodle and all.

  11. Dani, Sophie is 13 1/2. Pretty old for a big dog. But still spry when she's feeling good.