Monday, November 03, 2008

Silly kitchen gadget No. 28

When I take a day off, it throws off my blogging clock! Guess it would help my feeble brain to have something like this grocery list organizer. Especially if my hands also become enfeebled and I can no longer lift a pen.

This organizer allegedly will recognize the items I speak to it, then print out my list on thermal paper, sorted into grocery store categories. It will recognize common errands, too. I wonder if "Post Silly Kitchen Gadgets on blog" is one them.

And hey, it's only $99, down from $199, at Well, the four AA batteries cost extra. And refill paper rolls are $12 for three.

What the heck am I waiting for?


  1. I do my grocery list on an Excel spreadsheet which is sorted in columns by category. (Okay, I'm a little weird.) It didn't cost a hundred dollars and I don't need batteries and paper rolls. Who buys this crap?

  2. Betts, If you're weird, then I guess I am too!
    I love my method of using an Excel spreadsheet to print up when I need to do my grocery shopping!
    I simply use a highliter, and off I go!
    Although, I have to admit, if someone gave this gadget to me, I'd never turn them down.. lol
    Cindy H

  3. hehe...not weird at all. I have a friend who swears by Excel Macros. I still find it quick-n-easy tho, to use the blank side of used paper, cut into post-its.

    I had found a Firefox extension once, a grocery list generator extension. Check it out.
    The grocery list generator:

  4. Aristarkhos, that's my method. That Excel extension sounds handy, though. If I knew how to use Excel ...

    Betts, you must be one of those weird organized people I've heard about.

    Brown sugar, I would return it and buy some groceries with it instead!

  5. I've seen this gadget and had a momentary longing to own one ... but thankfully, it passed.

    My current method is high-tech enough, I suppose. I use Google documents to create my list - organized by the layout of the store. Then I copy the list onto my Nokia Tablet and I'm off to do my shopping, no pen needed!