Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I took this photo yesterday because it amused me in an eye-rolling sort of way. I was trying to make some room in the fridge at work and pulled out a yogurt to check the date. Aug. 4. Ew. I pulled out another. June 30. Ewww! And another. April 9. Oh, for pity sake. (I should add that none of these were mine.)

Which makes for a pretty boring blog post as a passing observation, but today my life seemed ruled by expiration. So I can bore you even more!

I spent the morning finally tackling boxes of random paper that followed me from my old house. I filled a bin for recycling and one for burning in my new chimenea. Utility bills from my last address, explanation of dental benefits from 2005, warranties for products I no longer own. So good to get that out of the way, and to clear some closet space.

I made plans for my expired maple tree, which will come down as soon as the permit arrives (a matter of days, I'm told). I'm going to remove a fence panel and have them shoot the shredded wood onto a big tarp in my yard. Free mulch! And trustworthy, since I know the tree's not diseased, just old.

I made some monkey bread to take to work, but forgot to butter the pan. (Only a minor goof; the hungry cow-orkers didn't care that the gooey buns were in a heap instead of a pretty ring – that's an old photo at left.) Call it a brief expiration of kitchen sense.

Got in the car to go to work and the car wouldn't start. Yes, my battery had expired. As had my AAA membership.

BUT, my car place is all of three blocks away. In my most piteous voice I called them for help. In five minutes Mike showed up, jumped the car, then followed me to the shop, where they popped in a new battery.

So that's my Day of Expired Things. Have you expired from boredom yet?


  1. ____________^_________^______^_____

    "I think we have a pulse here!"

  2. That cracks me up. I had a take-out container of egg drop soup in my fridge for two months. I was afraid to take it out, so left it in there on purpose week after week. At least you noticed yours and did something about it!

  3. At least you didn't expire. i hope the rest of the day goes smoother.

    I think I've got some grossness in my fridge to clean out too.

  4. Why do communal refrigerators and other spaces get so out of hand? Once accountability isn't certain, it seems people lose their sense of responsibility pretty quickly.

    Good for you for cleaning out that pennicillin factory!

  5. Not boring at all. I'm glad to know I am not alone.

    Now I'm going to go clean out the fridge!

  6. Glad you're still with us, ari!

    Lauren, I should clarify that it wasn't my yogurt, but some cow-orker miscreant's. (But I've had a few such experiments in my own fridge.)

    Betts, I was about ready to when the car wouldn't start! Just wasn't my day.

    Dana, our work fridges get cleaned out once a month, and everything gets thrown away that is not a condiment or an unopened commercial container. That helps keep the skank factor down, mostly.

    Glad I could be an inspiration, Catherine! Will you come clean mine, too? ;-)

  7. A couple of weeks ago I was going to the grocery store so Jim asked me to pick up some 1/2 and 1/2 for him. I had to get the pint size because all the larger sizes were dated Sept 11. I assumed they must have been keeping them there as a memorial of some sort because there seemed no other reason they should still be there.

  8. Yeah, I think that's about enough expiring for a while! Glad You & Co. are still with us. ;)


  9. Oh, I feel for you and relate totally. It's funny, I was thinking of doing a blog post entitled, "What would your fridge say if it could talk?" My fridge would say something like, "Dear God woman, I've got things up my backside that even OSHA could not identify."

  10. Wow, Denise, that's really expired. Ick.

    Dani, we're still kicking!

  11. Gotta love the work fridge! When I was working ours was like that. We'd get tired of it and decide on a "theme". "this week we'll go through all the salad dressings.."