Monday, November 17, 2008

Here, kitty kitty!

Oh wait ...


  1. LOL! This is a really good pict and your commentary is hilarious as always!

  2. I want to say "cute," I really do. But that hairless tail stops me. I'll follow Mimi's lead and say "good shot." I assume that's your local possum?

  3. He looks rather angry, Kitt! What did you do to him besides snap his photo??

  4. Aw, I like possums. We have a real fat one that occasionally cruises along the back fence.

  5. I have a really good recipe if you're in the mood. Actually Kitt, you have a good recipe already, in Le Bouche Creole by Leon E. Soniat, Jr. that I gave you ages ago.

  6. Between the possum and the coyote you saw recently, your neighborhood could be opening its own zoo soon! That's fantastic.

  7. Ooh, that tail! That face! And I read the title and thought your friendly neighborhood cat would be there, watching your poodle.

  8. Oh my God! Yuueeeeewww! Yikes! That tail..get it away!

    I didn't realize it before your picture, but possums apparently instigate my rodent aversion.

  9. Thanks, mimi!

    Pam, it's not cute. No. That's the Sergeant's local possum. I haven't seen them in Denver. Yet.

    JGH, he looks mean! I think he was just peeved at being caught atop a fence where he couldn't escape my flash easily.

    Deneph, this one eats bird seed. I wonder what yours eats?

    Titus, I'll pass! I wouldn't want to gut it.

    Gaia, this was in the Bay Area, but yep, I've got my share of local critters.

    Joanne, I'll bet Sophie would be very interested to see a possum!

    Summer, they're very rat-like. And skittery. Small wonder you're averse.